Commercial Bird Control

When you’ve got birds living in and around your commercial building, you’ve got a big problem on your hands.

You could be faced with a number of the following issues:

  • Building damage due to acidic bird droppings
  • Grossed-out clients and customers
  • Insulation contamination
  • Food contamination
  • Territorial and aggressive bird behaviour
  • The spread of insects and parasites like ticks, fleas and mites
  • The spread of bacteria like Salmonella, E.coli, and Histoplasma

If you’ve tried to solve your bird problem yourself, you’ve probably found that most tactics only work temporarily. Before you know it, you’re back where you started and back to the drawing board. It can be pretty frustrating.

You’re worried for the safety of your workspace, and the reputation of your business.

Commercial Bird Control

Stop worrying, and leave the problem solving to us!

  • We’ll work with you to create a solution that works for your business, while staying discreet and following safety regulations.
  • Our team will come up with unique solutions so we can solve your bird problems effectively, cost-efficiently and humanely.
  • In many cases we can keep birds away without using spikes and other harmful tactics. Conpark has a number of humane solutions to remove birds and deter them from coming back (netting, wire, repellents, visual deterrents, and more)
  • At Conpark, we use our step-by-step method for pest removal (see below). By implementing these proven methods with our pest-control action plan, we’ll have your commercial building bird-free in no time.

Commercial Bird Control

Our step-by-step method for pest removal will include:

  • Modify your space to make it less attractive for birds
  • Implement devices that will make your space less livable for birds
  • Implement visual and sound tactics to scare pests birds
  • Barricade any access points birds could be using to get in your building

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Step 1:  We’ll examine your property to determine if there’s an issue
Step 2:  We’ll put together a report and a quote based on our findings
Step 3:  We’ll humanely eliminate any existing bird problem as quickly as possible
Step 4:  We’ll identify and eliminate entry spots that birds might be using
Step 5:  We’ll identify issues in your space that could be attracting birds, and help you develop a long-term plan for bird prevention

Don’t let pests stop you from making your business the best it can be! Trust the professionals on this one.


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