Raccoon Removal

If there’s one animal that consistently drives homeowners crazy – especially within the city – its raccoons. While they often make a mess outside your home with garbage, they can create an even bigger mess inside your home.

Raccoons make themselves at home in your home. They bring food back with them, they raise their young and they customize the place to suit their needs. That means they put in new entry ways, open up existing ones and defend their turf from invaders.

While they’re living with you, they bring in health risks. Things like roundworm, Giardiasis and Leptospirosis can be contracted through contact with raccoon droppings – and don’t forget about rabies.

Raccoon droppings can be fatal. Dogs pee on a pole and other dogs will pee to say hi and mark their territory. With raccoons, they poop on each others poop to see what other raccoons are eating in the area. So if you have a letrin in your attic or on your property you will attract raccoons to poop.

Things can get real ugly, real fast with raccoons. If you have a raccoon problem, you need help from professional animal control specialists. At Conpark Pest Control, we have fun with raccoon removal, because there’s a science to it.

Raccoon Removal Process

  • Raccoons can be tricky to identify inside your house. Sometimes, what can sound like birds—a slow shuffling sound at night—can be a family of raccoons.
  • If it’s not baby season for raccoons, which is March to June, getting rid of raccoons can be a fairly straight-forward operation.
  • Our process is to ask you lots of questions to get as much information as possible from you before heading into the attic.
  • We kick mom off the nest, remove the babies, and put them into our heated custom reunion box just outside your home. We try to lure mom out with the sound of her babies and install our one way door system. When Mama raccoon comes home to discover her babies are outside and safe, but the house is locked, she takes the family to one of three or six different nearby backup nests.
  • We offer clean up services (optional).

Raccoon Removal Specialists


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