Skunk Removal Services

Skunk in your addition? You’ll be the first to know it.

These guys stink, but they also carry bacteria, parasites and diseases that are harmful to humans, such as rabies, tapeworms and ticks.

Plus, they dig up your lawn and garden as they root for food.

The reassuring thing about skunks is there’s usually an easy removal system since they usually live under decks or sheds.

Skunk Removal Process

  • Our professionals will do an inspection of your home to discover where the skunk may be hiding and how they may have gotten in.
  • It is very labour intensive to remove skunks as it usually involves a lot of digging around the addition, deck, or shed.
  • It is important to ensure skunks are dealt with in a timely manner as they can cause structural damage, and can also transmit serious diseases to pets and humans.
  • We offer clean up services (optional).

    Skunk Removal Specialists


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